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IS-Builder Spy
Project is smart windows client application, which makes it easy to find user objects in DIRECTUM system.

This project is a piece of software, which helps a person to organize his frequently used objects from DIRECTUM system ( Actually used algorithms can be applied to many other systems and applications, including mail clients, information system clients and so on. But the primary target is DIRECTUM system.


Key executables
  • SpyAgentSrv - windows service, which launches agent process in currently logged in user session
  • SpyAgentProc - process, which hooks into DIRECTUM desktop client applications and starts spying for its opened windows and objects, the gathered statistics is being recorded into SQLite database file
  • SpyClient - client application, which displays list of most frequently used objects, most of the time it silently sits in systaem tray and user activates it by pressing a hotkey.

Technology Stack

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